Employee Guide

At Umi Health, we are on a mission to empower every single woman with their pelvic health. For too long, various matters of female health - think pelvic floor, periods, pooing, prolapse and piles - have been hushed up, misunderstood, treated as taboo or laughed off. Umi is your go to, one-stop-hub for all of these things. Through our evidence based and easily digestible online courses and content, we aim to empower women with the knowledge they deserve to understand their bodies better and start improving their health and wellbeing right away.

Tell me more about the courses...

Essentials by Umi

Every female’s go-to for the essentials of pelvic health. Discover what is and isn’t normal on those taboo subjects that people typically only ever explore when something goes awry. Comprising over 70  minutes of video content divided into 8 modules, plus handy illustrations, cheat sheets and demos, Essentials is packed full of simple strategies which you can implement straight away to start improving and/or maintaining your pelvic health. If you have urinary or faecal incontinence, vaginal prolapse or pelvic floor muscle tension and want to start improving your symptoms or prevent these things from happening, then look no further!

What else do I get access to?


Interactive webinars with our co-founders plus special guests (clinical psychologists, yoga instructors, paediatric physiotherapists, nutritionists and more). Benefits members can access all of our previous and new Lives as part of their membership.


Our mini e-books. Released monthly, each one provides a deep dive into a standalone topic, such as how to stop leaking during exercise, managing prolapse and the psychological impact and treatment of pelvic girdle pain.


Here you’ll find feature articles written by our founders relating to current affairs and of interest to the world of pelvic health.

How do I get access?

Our corporate access is designed to be incredibly simple, allowing you to gain access with just your work email address. The plan allows you to have 2 open Umi Plus memberships at any one time, which means your friends and family can enjoy your benefit too!

1. Head to umi-health.com and become an Umi Free member by clicking the Log in / Join button. You may prefer to use your personal details when joining.

(already a member, move to step 2)

2. Once a free member, to add access to Umi Plus go to My Hub.

3. Under My Membership, click on Verify Benefits Access.

4. On the pop-up screen, your Umi membership details will be pre-populated. Enter your work email and click Generate Code.

(if you allow a family member or friend to access using your corporate benefit, they should enter your work email here)

5. You will receive an access code to your company email address. Enter this on the pop-up screen and away you go!

(if you allow a family member or friend to access using your corporate benefit, please forward the code to them to use)

Access codes expire after 48 hours if not used. Access is granted for 3 month periods. On expiry, you may use the same verification process again to regain access for a further 3 months.